Which Is Better PNGs Or JPEGs?

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If we need to get to a conclusion which format is better, we need to make a comparison of the images. Keep reading the article to know about the PNG and JPEG format of image and how formats differ and effect processing of an image.

Often while saving images or files in our system we don’t check about what format or in which file extension is the file being saved. These file extensions make big difference when in future they get updated or replaced. Most of the people use JPEG file format because its easily available and has a wide acceptance and accessibility. The JPEG format also takes a very few spaces to store files. PNG gives a different feature such as transparency. In PNG format color can be defined and transparency is present which is lacked in JPEG format.

On your first look you may feel that an image in JPEG and PNG format looks the same but there is a lot of difference in the formats. Though both formats are present for image processing under different circumstances. Joint photographic experts’ group is the one who developed the JPEG format. It supports both RGB and CMYK in all bit systems. Many various updates and versions of JPEG format entered and left the market but it never received a permanent foothold. JPEG makers recently launched a new format that would be used alongside the older version in the market. the algorithms used in the new version of the file extension is simpler and the ratios are reduced and when the new version is faster and gives a better image quality. The pros of the software are that it is small in size, is supported by most devices, and it also gives an integrated EXIF support. The cons of the software are it has a lossy compression, it is not much compatible to CMYK printing and it also lacks in transparency support.

PNG stands for portable network graphics. This software depends on LZW compression it is the same compression used by GIF and TIFF. The biggest advantage of PNG is transparency and lossless support that is the image quality is always intact. To RAW formats PNG is a solid alternative. PNG format was made for web and internet purpose and the software over the years proved that it is worth it. Now a days it is also used in various fields apart form web. The cons of PNG is it does not support EXIF and the file size are huge. After comparing both PNG and JPEG formats it is derived that PNG has an edge over JPEG. Hope the article was helpful to you.