Watch Before You Comment, Google Webmaster Update Has Removed The Comment Box

Website Design 2018
Website Design 2018

Keep reading the article and you will get to know about what exact update the blog has undergone and what are the reasons behind the updating of the blog. Google webmaster was in use since 2010, but over the time it has developed itself over the time. Google made it easier for its users and was linnet to give the users a platform to show their views and reactions.

Webmaster is a person or a system that controls and maintains more than one website or applications. Google webmaster maintains hangout, Google plus, Gmail, and other website and application of Google. The Google Webmaster Central Blog is the website that provides new and current affairs, that is going around us and we had the option of not only reading the blog but also to post our views through the comment section. On 11 January 2019 Gary Illyes from Google announced on the central blog that Google Webmaster Central Blog has undergone few updates and the blog no more provides the comment box section, there are various reasons behind this decision. Few of the decisions are stated below.

Reason For Updating

  1. The comments where spammy in nature or irrelevant to the blog topics.
  2. Miscommunication and hatred and outrage use to break out in the comment sections.
  3. The google authorities and other websites and blogs are ordered by the regulatory authorities, to post news and other information after verifying the authenticity.
  4. The google authorities where over burden with the work of filtering the comments, which was hectic and were inaccurate in nature.
  5. Spammy comments needed filter which increased cost of web security to the organization.
  6. The firm hence came with a conclusion to update its blog.
  7. The update was by removing the comment section.

The current Google Webmaster Central blog does not allow its users to comment on the blog which has raised discomfort and confusion among users, but the google authorities has clearly reached out to its users by posting about the update on the central blog itself. But there is no need to get disheartened, google has agreed to reach to the reactions to its blog readers through other social media platforms. Currently the readers can reach Google through Twitter to comment the readers reaction and views on the contents in the blog. This makes the company cost friendly as well as the blog becomes spam free and clean. Hope the article was helpful to you.