22 Predictions for Social Media in 2019

Website Design 2018
Website Design 2018

2018 has almost come to an end, and we have already witnessed a serious change as far as social media is concerned and it is expected to change in the future as well with the advancement and development of technology. So some of the popular predictions for Social Media in 2019 are-

  1. The Overall Social Network – Nearly 52% of the total population of the world are active on social media and it is expected that more people are would be joining the social platform by the end of 2019. According to The study conducted by the Social Media Services in 2018, it is expected that there will be a rise in the population of Social Media by 10%.
  2. Facebook- Perhaps the biggest Social Network in the world predicts a decline of users of 5% usage in North America because of data breach. Personally I think Facebook will still grow especially in the South Eastern side of Asia. Facebook is expected to make some changes as far as the interface is concerned and it will still be the leading social network.(This is what I predict.)
  3. Instagram-While Facebook is expected to suffer from data breach, this could be a boon for Instagram, which might enable them to attract new users. Acoording to the owners of Instagram, 2019 is predicted to be the break-through year for them.
  4. Twitter-  I think twitter is still going to be the major platform for celebs, where they can interact with fans. Hopefully it doesn’t get pulled over by the Appstore over adult content.
  5. Youtube- YouTube is predicted to be more serialized longform content. I would be disappointed I cannot skip advertisements on YouTube. Hopefully this issue will be solved.
  6. TikTok- What was known as, is currently known as TikTok. This has generated new users throughout the world. This is expected to grow real big in the upcoming year.
  7. Trolls- If something has grown the most over the last couple of years is Trolls on the Social Media platform. Trolls are said to be enjoyed the most by the adults. Nearly 90% of the Social Media users are Adults ( as per the Social Media Campaign Services), so trolls are expected to reach new heights in 2019.
  8. LinkedIn- LinkedIn still remains the most popular online official Social Media site and it is predicted to continue its rank.
  9. Fights over Social Media- Some of the posts in social Media are offensive to some sections of people and 2018 has seen this a lot. 2019 will again be witnessing the same.
  10. Social Media Campaigns- With the advancements of Social Media, the campaigns will again be seen and it will be effective as well.
  11. Facebook Censors- Facebook might just come up with a cersor board of their own in the upcoming year owing to some of the content posted by the users.
  12. Growth of Google- The biggest search engine is expected to grow more in the upcoming years.
  13. Democracy of Social Media- Some posts of Social Media are religious bashed and people expect each other to understand their point rather than arguing.
  14. Facebook Data leak- It is a major concern for all the users owing to the data leak and hopefully it stops in the next year.
  15. Advertisements- Hopefully people are not forced to watch advertisement in 2019 but sorry guys, this cannot be stopped.
  16. Increase of subscribers in YouTube- Many YouTuber will experise a growth in the number of subscribers owing to new people joining the platform.
  17. Promotion of Talent- Again according to Social Media Campaign Services, the growth of Social Media is expected which means that there will be a promotion of Talent as well.
  18. Social Media Marketing- This will grow to new heights in the upcoming year.
  19. Policy- The policy of the big owners of social media will be the same,i.e. to earn more profit.
  20. New apps- We can certainly expect some new apps in the upcoming years.